Website Content

Writing content for a website is always a balance between capturing the customer’s brand, featuring relevant information and current optimization practices. While SEO best practices are constantly evolving, focusing on making content clear, concise and actionable is at the core of writing effective website content.

Blog Articles

Each informative blog article is researched, written and edited with attention to detail before undergoing a plagiarism. Topics range from health and wellness to career advice, relationships and other subjects. Each article is tailored to pique the interest of the target audience to inspire them to invest in the client’s products or services. 

Emails & Newsletters

Lindsey has written copy for both short- and long-form emails used in major campaigns for clients of Media Impact Advertising. Additionally, she manages the subscriber list of the Hendricks Avenue Elementary PTA and regularly sends email updates to its 400+ members.


Not all writing projects fit neatly into a category, and Lindsey has done a little bit of everything, including creating and managing Facebook pages. From ghostwriting letters to the editor and authoring compilation profiles for research presentations to interviews, submission forms and descriptions for silent auction catalogs, her diverse portfolio shows that she isn't afraid of any writing challenges.